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Save on utilities Argon Gas helps keep the heat in on those cold days. Low E will help keep bad UV rays out of your home. Protecting your furniture and cooling off your house.


We use a high quality glass type manufactured in Canada ranging from 3 mm to   

6 mm. We also provide a Polymer spacer which increases efficiency and heat transfer of the sealed unit.


We provide 100% Canadian Made windows and Sealed Glass Units. Keeping up with our extreme climate.


LOW E helps reduce UV rays lowering heat gain while letting sun light into your home. 


We use 100% PVC (VINYL) frames. Which come with 25 years warranty.

How do I book an appointment for Great Northern window and door evaluation?

Give us a call at 250-999-9387 or schedule an appointment online. We are readily available 24/7, so you can be sure that Great Northern's customer care team will be ready. 


Why is polymer spacer used in window panes instead of aluminum?

We provide a heavy-duty non-conductive polymer spacer, which increases the R-value of the window. A polymer spacer is better than aluminum spacer because it does not conduct energy, which leaves the inside pane at room temperature by eliminating condensation inside the home.

What hardware is used in the making of Great Northern window frames?

Great Northern window frames are made with good quality raw materials that are manufactured from Germany. Not only are they versatile, but they have exceptional durability, as well. A special feature and function specific to our casements and awnings is that our hardware handles fold into the mechanism itself eliminating interference with any blinds and giving it a modern and clean appearance. 


How do brick to brick installments work?

Brick mold, on the exterior of the house, acts as the trim around the window which meets the exterior siding. Window brick mold is an attachment to the frame of the window itself which adds an extra barrier to exterior weather and elements. These installments prevent water from flowing inside the house. The available mold sizes are 0, 1 inch, 1 ½ inch, and 2 inches.

What jamb extension sizes do you offer?

The sizes we offer are 1 ⅜, 2 ⅝, and 3 ⅜. The original size is for 2x4 construction homes, the second is for custom wall depth, and the last is for 2x6 construction homes.

Do you offer trim or casing?

Yes, we do. We offer 2 ⅝, and 3 ⅝ vinyl tongue and groove which clicks into place. All our window products are trimming. These are maintenance-free and at high demand among our customers. MDF and wood trimming is also available, at an extra cost.

We offer full framed product, from the brick mold outside, the pvc frame inside, window sill or jam and the molding or casing flat to the drywall. 

Renovation grade:
All of our windows are higher end renovation quality, as opposed to a construction grade profile. They are made with more durability; more pvc chambers, better seals, thicker pvc, higher U- and R-factors, and much longer life expectancy: 25 to 40 years.  

Is there a referral program?

Yes, there is; we credit any referral. We also have a real estate agent and a contractor referral program.

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